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Aina Scapes, Inc. is a Hawaii-based company that specializes in the design, installation and construction of all facets of outdoor environment. With over 17 years in the business, Aina Scapes designs and installs projects that balance Hawaii's island climate with an aesthetic sense of plate.

Hawaii Fertigation is a division of Aina Scapes and provides tank distribution systems for fertilizer and natural insecticides that reduces the amount of water consumption through the use of environmentally friendly products.

Headed by owner Ron Fike, Aina Scapes is a licensed and insured contractor that designs, installs and constructs:

· Landscape for residential and commercial projects
· Swimming pools and water features
· Fertigation systems
· Hardscape and concrete construction
· Decks
· Walls and fences
· Stone finishes


If it's outdoors, Aina Scapes can be trusted to work with you with honest communication and competitive pricing. Call us today for a free consultation.

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